Archeia Limited is an exciting new British brand that is utilising the combined knowledge of Biologist and Natural skin care expert Dr Rachel Grant and world leading Harley Street Trichologist Sara G Allison to develop high quality and effective wellbeing & beauty products. Archeia's two signature products are:

Archeia Minerals anti-ageing supplement for hair, skin and nails

Because beauty comes from within, the team carefully selected a range of key nutrients for anti-ageing performance and optimal hair, skin and nail health. Archeia Minerals for hair skin and nails contains 28 different ingredients proven to support the formation of collagen and to protect the cells of your body from free radical damage, a major cause of wrinkles,  thinning Thesis hair and a dull complexion.  

Preliminary results from a consumer trial of people taking Archeia Minerals for a month indicate that 87% of participants found their complexion was more radiant, 78% said their hair felt thicker, 92% had more energy and vitality and 73% said their self-confidence had increased.   

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"A great product" and one of the future beauty trends to look out for in 2014 The Times January 2014

It’s all you need Telegraph, April 2014. 

Hair boosting nutritional supplements help with inside –out hair thickening. The latest testers Security Essex report great results with Archeia” Marie Claire, April 2014 

When the balance of male / female hormones goes out of whack during menopause, a supplement might help regulate things. Try Archeia MineralsPrima Magazine, April 2014  

"Non-natural blondes know its hard to achieve snap-resistant, lustrous locks post- bleach. So try Archeia Minerlas for Hair, Skin & Nails". You Magazine February 2014

A lot of research has gone into these pills to find the exact formula that will enhance health and vitality. After a month on them I felt more energetic and my skin glowedMadeleine Loves (Beauty Blogger)

After just 1 month, my friend keeps commenting Buy instagram likes that she's never seen my hair and skin looking so good!  Anna Porritiello, Archeia Minerals customer

Archeia Rose Rejuvenating Cream

Archeia Rose rejuvenating cream launched only at 21st February 2014 compliments Archeia Minerals for complete anti-ageing inside and outside. Contains a blend of healing essential plant oils, including lavender, geranium, carrot seed, palma rosa and sandalwood, combined with calendula in sweet almond oil, the cream will soothe, protect and moisturise mirror uk your skin.  Our customers have had excellent results with Archeia Rose for smoothing wrinkles, a more radiant complexion and combatting dry skin, acne and psoriasis. 

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“I didn't really expect it to be any different to the many other creams I had tried, but after only a week my skin had taken on clarity, suppleness and smoothness which I had not experienced before” 

Christina Shelsher, Archeia Rose customer.  

"This is a wonderful cream- rich and beautifully scented. It has retained it's scent of essential oils very well indeed. I suffer from Rosacea , and I have already noticed some reduction in redness, but I am more aware Jordans of the improved texture of my skin. It feels soft and supple and mineral makeup goes on beautifully”. Karen, Oxford, Consumer trial participant 

“A lovely soothing moisturiser”  Alice Hart-Davis, beauty blogger, 2013 

“I have suffered for many years with patches of dry flaky skin. Archeia Rose cream cleared it up within 2 days”  Andrew Lamb, Oxfordshire, Archeia Rose customer.